This is the homepage for cookie cupboard 9. The cupboard will be located at: McLures Moving and Storage 167 Colchester Road (just off of 289-the circ) THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU PICKED UP YOUR INITIAL ORDER The Williston Office is located at 60 Knight Lane, Williston 888-474-9686 X4307 This page is maintained by Belle Pfeiffer, to contact her you can e-mail her at Or Cell # 802-363-5565

Cupboard Status: * 3/2 If anyone has any returns from booths that were last weekend, they should be back to the cupboard by Wednesday. 25% of what you took out can be returned, please send me an email or text so we can schedule you in...
THE COOKIES ARE HERE ! ..... ARE WE READY TO DO THE COOKIE DANCE ! LETS MAKE IT TO 35,000 THIS YEAR ! THANK YOU to all the Adult Volunteers and Parents who are helping the girls sell cookies ! Here's some cookie details from the 2014 season: If you remember, at the end of last year I was nudging everyone about making the... 30,000 BOXES OF COOKIES mark - WELL..... We actually did sell 30,216 boxes ! Great job by all the girls and their adult volunteers. That's a lot of cookies..
Being the other larger population area in the council, we come in at Number 4 in the council, And a fine position that is ! These numbers are is just booth sales and extras after the initial sale. The troops of cupboard 9 sold 27,156 boxes in 2013, 29,040 in 2012, and 24,276 in 2011. Here's some other cookie sales data: Community booth sales for 2014: 245 7,825 boxes An increase from last year 246 5,800 boxes A decrease from last year 241 3,356 boxes An increase 235 6,589 boxes A decrease 244 1,581 boxes An increase 240 1,750 boxes An increase 245 10,198 boxes An increase On the whole council level we sold - 1,148,056 Boxes (95,671 cases) Together The Troops earned $700,000 Boxes sold per girl average was 142 12,000 boxes went to the Military I'd like to hear from you about how your booths are going, any problems, things you think could be done better, any new booth ideas, anything about the cupboard you can think of. Toffee-tastic - will be available at the cookie cupboards for booth sales. We were only able to place a set order amount and will not be able to re-order. We feel we have ordered a good amount to cover the demand for the cookie but since this is completely new and don't know how the cookie will sell, there is room for error and late in the season we might run out. Cupboards will be stocked with a good amount if not all of our supply and our cupboards managers will not limit the amount that a troop takes out but remember that only 25% of what is taken out of the cupboard can only be returned and this has to been done in 1 business day of when the cookies are taken out. The limitations would be if the order was placed late in eBudde for your pending order and other troops did place their orders or it other issues arise such as a delay in delivery of the cookies to the cupboard, etc. As soon as you have planned your Booth times place your order into eBudde and enter the pickup date to be just before your booth. Don't forget to enter your booth date and place on Cookie Finder so customers can find you. .

Please keep these things in mind when placing a cupboard order:

* Always Check The Calendar Schedule At The Bottom Of This Page for cupboard times before coming to the warehouse. * I will post notes for your troop number letting you know when your order is ready to be picked up - which would either be Wednesday or Friday if the order is placed Monday - orders placed before, on the weekend might be ready for pickup Monday . * I will usually have cupboard hours on M W F during the day (because it is a storage warehouse). If you are totally unable to make it there during daylight, please let me know so we can make other arrangements. * Very important - Fill in your contact information on your cupboard order - Name, Phone Number, eMail address. * To ensure we have enough cookies for everyone's booth and yet not have cookies left at the end of the sale, Please place your orders for your booth as soon as you know the booth date or at least by the Monday before your scheduled booth so it can be picked up on Friday. This gives me time to get them ready for you and find more if there is a shortage. This is one of the reasons for prompt returns, so they are back and can out again for someone elses next booth. BUT.. as an occasional exception - Since we don't want any spontaneous booth sale opportunities to be passed up, please check with me for availability of cookies, if you have short notice of a possible booth sale. * If you have cookies left from a booth sale and wish to return them (continued sale of leftovers is encouraged), you may bring back 25% of what you checked out for that booth. These returns need to be the day after the booth sale or on Monday after a weekend booth. If I am available Sat. or Sun., returns could be brought to my house - call to arrange. * Internet connection at the warehouse: a work in progress... I have a new phone, so I'm hoping I will be able to update this site while I'm there with any "emergency" cookie developments. - Hopefully there will be enough connection there to email, call OR text my cell to contact me. 363-5565 - If you can - A Text is good, because if I'm helping someone with cookies I might not answer and will have to get back to you. **** There is lots to look at on the eBudde site, Sales suggestions as well as instructions about how to work eBudde if you need a refresher or are new. As any interesting new info pops up - I'll post it here. All suggestions and comments about how to make the cupboard work better are welcome ...

Location: For the cookie cupboard: The Cupboard Unit is # 337 As you enter the storage warehouse yard through the gates, turn to the right and go towards the end of the second group of units. Tan Toyota minivan sitting in front, means I'm there. If the unit door is down, it means I'm over at the warehouse office and will be back soon. ***************** McLures Moving and Storage 167 Colchester Road (just a bit south of Susie Wilson/2A and the ramps for 289). ********************
GENERAL COOKIE QUESTIONS: Kathie Hebert eBudde ISSUES: Robin Boyd For Community 241 Westford,Underhill,Jericho, Essex, Richmond, Huntington, Bolton: Megan Annis Send ideas for cupboard improvements to Belle Pfeiffer Instructions for placing cupboard orders: How to Place a Cupboard Order

TROOP NUMBER NOTES: Troops listed in the "Calendar block" are ready for pick up I'll try to match the pick up time you entered into eBudde as close as possible to when I'm at the cupboard and in the queue with others picking up. PULLED means your order has been assembled in a pile and waiting for the pickup time Troop 30925 when would you like to pick up ? Troop 30755 can you come Monday rather than Tues. - I can also bring them home with me if you really want them Tues. March 3 - 7 The Initial Orders arrive April 12th - Sale ends 30954 O8J000 pulled 30755 pulled 30014 pulled 30821 pulled 30329 pulled 30608 pulled

*March 2 30608 1:00 30014 1:15 or at the house 30108 30755 At the house *March 3 *March 4 * March 5 * March 6 30821 12:00 30038 12:15 30847 12:30 30667 30721 2:00 30954 4:00 * March 7 *

*** If anyone has too many cookies from the initial order or extras that they want to trade or sell to another troop who needs what you don't want - let me know and I can put the requests here so troops can connect with each other. At the end of cookie time last year, there were a couple successful troop to troop transfers by posting here - so we should think about using this procedure earlier in the sale period, especially for cookies that were initial orders and not returnable to the cupboard.

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