This is Cookie Cupboard 9

A  well sugared,  cookie selling machine

     The  girls and their volunteers  of Communities:  235,  241,   246,   253,   parts of   240 and 244 .     

The cupboard  is located at the  McLures Moving and Storage,     167 Colchester Road (2A) in Essex.  

The warehouse is just a little south  on  2A  of  where 289-the circ meets Susie Willson Rd.  

 Storage Unit  542   

Come through the gates and turn to the right  - then it's on the  right  side,  close to the far end.


Scheduling:   I'm not scheduling anyone for the 3:15 and 3:30 time spots on Fridays since it is the last time I can take a break before the warehouse office closes for the day.  

 Cupboard opening Feb. 16th.

THANK YOU to all the Adult Volunteers and Parents who help the girls sell cookies !

A Big Thanks to Keith and his crew at the warehouse for all the assistance he volunteers to us during cookie time,  passing out the initial order to those communities who pick up here in Essex and providing our cupboard space.  

The Gate!   If you are picking up after 4:00 (the gate often closes at 4:00) you will have to call/text me when you arrive at the gate - or honk if you forgot your phone, so I can come open it...

For pickup schedule times,  please scroll down the page or click  Troop Orders/or Schedule on the green bar.

If you plan to have a booth at a location outside of your community's area, PLEASE  check in with the community cookie manager of the area where you want to have your booth (in contacts below).   We don't want two troops to show up in the same spot at the same time or too close together.

When you have returns,  if you can let me know roughly what you will be bringing back ahead of time, I can enter it into the Budde and print the receipt before I go to the cupboard.  I can put the exact count on the receipt when you arrive at the cupboard with your returns.       

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2/14/2018 - The cupboard is full to the brim.  There is no room for me to pre-pull orders so we'll be counting the cases off of the pallets when each person picks up.  Please arrive at your time on the schedule.

2/10/2018 - I notice that there are a few troops who are picking up very large orders on the 16th.  Please remember that you are really only supposed to be picking up supply for booths for the upcoming week.  We will have enough supply for future booths.  The concern is that if you don't sell them, you can only return 25%  and only within a few days of taking them out of the cupboard.  

2/2/2018 - I checked in with Keith at the warehouse today.   Some of the cookie load has arrived, the rest will be in any day now.  We'll load the cupboard about the 14th.  We don't know which unit yet though. 

For Slide Show,  the  last five years of the cookie cupboard - What Can A Cookie Do,    click on this link:


If anyone has some pictures of the Girls in action,  and would like to share,  please send them to me so I can include them.  We need to make this slide show more interesting than stacks of cookie cases.....

Collected Cookie Sales Data from Booths  

This is a sampling - not all troops turned in data.   If more troops turn in booth data,  our sales predictions can be more accurate.     Along with booth data that I have collected,  There is also a spot in eBudde to log in booth data.   Please fill this out, whether you have filled out the sheet I passed out or not,  it is a huge help to Kristel and Robin in knowing how much to order from the baker and which booth locations work better than others.

Click on this link:


Booth Data From 2016

Booth Data From 2017

Please Order For The Next Booth by Monday Night  

As soon as you have planned your Booth times,  place your order into eBudde and enter the pickup date to be a couple days before your booth date.  Order early,  but don't pick up too early.    If you need to cancel your booth,  let me know (text or email) so I can send your cookies out with someone else.    Don't forget to make sure your booth date is entered on Cookie Locator,  so customers can find you.     If you need to cancel your booth,  be sure to take it off cookie locator so customers are not looking for a troop that's not at a location - or, so that another troop can take your spot. 

Using the Cupboard

Please keep these things in mind when placing a cupboard order:

Always Check The Calendar Schedule below, for cupboard times before coming to the warehouse.

  • I will post notes for your troop number letting you know when your order is ready to be picked up - which would either be Wednesday or Friday if the order is placed by Monday .  Monday cupboard time is mostly for returns.  If I have enough supply, extras and small booth orders may be picked up then.

  • I will usually have cupboard hours on M W F  from 12:00 - 5   (because it is an outside storage warehouse and it's warmer after 12 ).   If you are totally unable to make it there during daylight, please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

  • Very important - Fill in your contact information on your cupboard order - Name, Phone Number, eMail address.

  • ORDERING : To ensure we have enough cookies for everyone's booth across the council and yet not have cookies left at the end of the sale, Please place your orders for your booth as soon as you know the date of your booth or at least by the Monday before your scheduled booth so it can be picked up on Friday.  Council places our cupboard restock order on Tuesday according to the orders placed on Monday .  If  orders come in after this, it throws off the reorder schedule and I may not have enough supply for you.  This also gives me time to get them ready for you and find more if there is a shortage. This is one of the reasons for prompt returns, so they are back and can go out again for someone else next booth.   As an occasional exception -  We don't want any spontaneous,  short notice  booth sale opportunities to be passed up,  please feel free to check with me for availability of cookies.   If you are running  out of cookies at booth way before the end of the booth time,  call or text me,  I may be available to get more supply to you. 

  • RETURNS: If you have cookies left from a booth sale and wish to return them, you may bring back 25% of what you checked out for that booth (your last order, not a total of all of them). Cookies should be back to the cupboard by Monday night. If you can't make it to the cupboard Monday, please let me know by Monday night what you will be bringing back by Wednesday so we can include them as available inventory for the Friday pick ups. The better we control this, the less leftovers we have at the end. If I am available Sat. or Sun. or on Mon. morning before cupboard time, returns could be brought to my house - email or call/text to arrange. I encourage you to return unsold cases promptly, even if you plan to have more booth sales, especially if there will be a weekend between planned booths. This keeps inventory flowing so council doesn't have to make as many reorders to the bakery and avoids having too many left at the end of the sale. I also don't want to see troops stuck with cases they can no longer return if they are done selling. Please do not hold them all until the end of cupboard time in April - contact me. I know it's inconvenient to make lots of trips to the cupboard, but this is what we need to do to have better control and availability of our cookie inventory. Returns (and small pickups) can always come to my house at odd times if your schedule doesn't match the cupboard schedule - just check in with me. Remember, you can take out mixed flavor cases but returns have to be full cases of each flavor. Also, when you have returns, if you can let me know roughly what you will be bringing back ahead of time, I can enter it into the Budde and print the receipt before I go to the cupboard.

  • Troop to Troop Transfers:    This can be done if you want to trade cookie types with another troop or just transfer them to another troop.  Why would you do this?   If you are out of some type at a booth and the cupboard is not open or the other troop is near by.  If you have kept your supply too long and they can't come back to the cupboard and you are done selling and the other troop isn't.   This transfer can be done in eBudde,  there is a spot for it.   No money is exchanged.   Each sales report is adjusted so the final sweep will take the correct amount.   

Internet connection at the warehouse:  The connection is pretty good  (in the parking lot...), so when I get a chance I am able to update this site while I'm there with any "emergency" cookie developments.    Like,  there was an attack by a  random herd of squirrals  and all the Thin Mints are gone....       Email, call OR text my cell to contact me.   802-363-5565 - If you can - a Text is better - just remember to include who you are,  because if I'm helping someone with cookies I might not answer and will have to get back to you.

 There is lots to look at on the eBudde site,     littlebrownie.com   and    vipetraining.littlebrownie.com

There are Sales suggestions as well as instructions about how to work eBudde if you need a refresher or are new.

All suggestions and comments about how to make the cupboard work better are welcome ...

Troop Number Notes

I'll try to match the pick up time you entered into eBudde as close as possible to when you requested,   and in the order that the request was placed in eBudde - sometimes there are several people requesting the same pick up time.       

 Orders Status  

  • This area will have your troop number and any extra information about your order.   Like,  if your order is ready for pickup or if I don't have a particular cookie type available.  Always check here and the schedule before coming to pick up your order.      Red troop numbers mean they are picking up close to or more than 100 cases and might take more than 15 minutes for a pickup.

Status:   The cookies have arrived...

  These are listed in the order that they were placed on eBudde

The 3:30 time is taken

Troop         Date       invoice #     Time       Cases

30005      2/16      HK1000         4:00          23

51780      2/16     3L1000           2:15          24

58802      2/16      DL1000         2:00         156

30463      2/16      JL1000           5:30*       320

58801      2/16      QM1000       2:30          42

51845      2/16      2N1000         1:00          50

51847      2/16      9O1000         5:45 - You'll need to round your mixed cases to units of 12               5/40

30612      2/16      FO1000         2:45         20

30612       2/16     92J000          2:45         41

30821      2/16      LO1000        1:15         16/24

30219      2/16      LP1000         4:30          30

51776      2/16      1R1000        1:30           37

30108       2/16       VT1000       6:00          28

30635      2/16       5U1000        1:45          19

51840       2/16      9U1000       12:15        41

30030      2/16      OV1000        4:45          28

51895       2/16      J2J000          5:45*       15/12

30123       2/16      R2J000        12:00*      58

52005       2/16      I4J000           4:00*        172

58676        2/16      T5J000         5:00*        40

30187       2/16       68J000        12:45         31


(1586  cases)


30039        2/19      NU1000     12:00     107

30393        3/21      RU1000       4:00       18/24

52011        2/22      4S1000       5:00     30 - Pickup at cupboard

! 13940       2/23                             12:00  Holding the time - I Don't see the order yet

30635        3/02        6U1000   12:30       33

30115       3/09       4U1000       3:00         49

30136        2/22      K9J000      4:45      89 - Pickup at cupboard


Independant Girls  Orders:

This area will have pick up information for girls who are not in a troop 

Cribby          71235      2/16        5:00               2/21

Ebert             71246      2/16        5:15              5/45


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
February 11 February 12 February 13 February 14 February 15 February 16 February 17


30136 - 3:00

30777 - 3:30

30167 - 4:00


58802 - 2:30

30123 - 11:45

51840 - 12:15

                - 12:30

 30187   - 12:45

51845   - 1:00

30821 - 1:15

51776 - 1:30

30635 - 1:45

                 - 2:00

51780 - 2:15

58801 - 2:30

30612 - 2:45

                - 3:00

                - 3:15

Blocked - 3:30 - 3:50 

30005 - 3:50

52005 - 4:00

                - 4:15

30219 - 4:30

30030 - 4:45

71235 - 5:00

* 58676 - 5:00

71246 - 5:15

30463 - 5:30    (320 cases)

51847 - 6:00

51895 - 6:10

30108 - 6:20


Contact and General Cookie Questions


Director, Sales and Marketing :    Kristel Rigoli -   krigoli@girlscoutsgwm.org  

eBudde  ISSUES:    Robin Boyd    rboyd@girlscoutsgwm.org

The Williston Office is located at 60 Knight Lane, Williston    888-474-9686        Beverly Hill, 

For Community  235 - Franklin:   Bakersfield,  Fletcher,  Berkshire,  Highgate,  Enosburg Falls,  Fairfax,  Georgia,  Fairfield,  Sheldon,  Franklin,  Montgomery, Richmond,  St. Albans,  Swanton:    Sara Blow         Sarablow77@yahoo.com

For Community  240   Belvidere,  Cambridge,  Jeffersonville,  Waterville,  Eden,  Hyde Park,  Johnson,  Lake Elmore,  Elmore,  Morrisville,  Wolcott, Woodbury,  Craftsbury,  Greensboro,  Stannard,  Hardwick:   Council office Williston 

For Community  241 - Snowflake:  Westford, Underhill, Jericho,  Essex,  Richmond,  Huntington,  Bolton:    Jennie Clarke       gsgwmcommunity241@gmail.com

For Community  244 - GreenMountain Girls:   Bristol,  Lincoln,  Ferrisburg,  Monkton,  New Haven,  Starksboro,  Addison,  Panton,  Vergennes,  Waltham,  Weybridge, Bridport,  Cornwall,  Middlebury,  Ripton,  Salisbury,  Shoreham:          Holly Blair    

For Community  246   Colchester,  Alburg,  Grand Isle,  Isle La Motte,  Milton,  North Hero,  South Hero:               Heather Merwin      Heatherjean489@yahoo.com       

For Community  253  Winooski,  Burlington,  S. Burlington,  Williston,  Charlotte,  Hinesburg,  Shelburne,  St. George        Brandi Profeta        bmassey76@hotmail.com


Belle Pfeiffer      cookiecupboard9@gmail.com       Cell phone :    802-363-5565

Instructions for placing cupboard orders:    eBudde video on initial order and booths      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN_se4O7uw4 

How to Place a Cupboard Order